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Racer Support Program

Action Engineering will be continuing the racer support program in 2016, any driver who wins a feature will be given an in house labor credit towards the repair/freshen of their engine, also at the end of the 2016 season the driver with the most feature wins will be given a labor free (includes dyno time) freshen of their engine. Labor credits will be given as follows:

  • Late Model: $100
  • Modifieds: $100
  • Super Stock: $50
  • Midwest/Sport Mod: $50
  • Stock Car: $50
  • Street Stock: $50
  • Pure Stock: $50

Throught the year we will be keeping track of every racers win total. The totals will be posted on the website as we learn of a win. We do need help from you on notifying us of a win. We try hard to keep track of everyone's stats but we do miss a few at times. If you have won a race or your total count differs from ours please let us know where and when you won the race. At year end the driver with the highest win count will receive a free labor freshen only. (ex: if you were the highest at year end with 10 wins in a Late Model, you will receive your free labor freshen but not the extra $1000)

The Free labor freshen is good for labor only, not parts. The racer is still responsible for the price of any parts required for the freshening. The free labor does include dyno time, but not any extras required to dyno, such as fuel or oil.

2017 Action Feature Winners

  • Darin Korthals, Limited Late Model: 5Wins
  • Dustin Sorensen, USRA Modified: 5Wins
  • Parker Hale, USRA B-Mod: 3Wins
  • JT Wasmund, USRA B-Mod: 2Win
  • Curt Lund, IMCA Stock Car: 3Wins
  • Cory Elward, Wissota Super Stock: 1Win
  • Derek Clement, USRA B-Mod: 1Win
  • AJ Hoff, Wissota Super Stock: 1Win
  • Jamie Neumiller, Wissota Super Stock: 1Win
  • Troy Hovey, IMCA late Model: 1win